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Awaiting new boiler

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I contacted the letting agent on Thursday at 9:30 am as non of the heaters where working- the hot water does. The gas man didn’t arrive until 4pm as the agents needed to contact the landlord first. Although I spoke to him at 8:30 and he said to tell the agents to go ahead- but they wouldn’t accept my word.

Discovered the boiler needs to be replaced so Friday at 9am I spoke to the agent to check what was happening. To be told at 10am that a boiler wouldn’t be fitted until Monday- no time specified. 

I asked whether the landlord needed to supply us with electric heaters and she said no because he is doing something about it. So I have had to purchase heaters plus whatever it’s going to cost me extra in electric.

I have 3 young children so it needs to be warm. Temperatures the last couple of nights have dropped below freezing. 

Am I legally owed any compensation for this? Such as money off rent? 

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If your boiler truly arrives today, it would be a true accomplishment, as most tenants don’t get anything done in 3 days (work days), much less get a gas inspection and a new boiler installed. 

It was going to be perfect (well, considering the case) if your landlord purchased / supplied electric heaters for the time being, but we don’t live in a perfect world and you’re going to have a hard time squeezing any compensation out of them. 

You should be relieved to get repairs fast and drop the compensation claim, as it’s likely not going to get you anything short of a severe migraine.

Still, if you insist, you may negotiate for the landlord to compensate you for the electric heaters, but then they will become his property and part of the accommodation, so you can’t take them with you if you move.

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