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No central heat

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i also am a victim of holiday heating failure. My heat and hot water went out 27Dec2015.  It is 20 January, and although we figured out how to get hot water working, the central heat is still out.  We pay over £3500 a month rent . The flat has an electric system made in Australia.  The 5 th person is coming today to try to fix it.   I have been using space heater to keep warm, and boiling water when needed, as boiler faults out from time to time.  I have not withheld rent.  I am meeting with owner of flat today.  What could I ask for? Electric bills are going up from using space heater….would reimbursement for that  be appropriate to ask for?


Hi Annette

I think it would be appropriate to ask for compensation to cover the extra expense of the heating and/or a rent reduction for the period in which you haven’t had everything that you’re paying your rent for. I’m not a lawyer or an expert but 25% reduction for every day until it’s fixed seems reasonable – and might motivate the landlord to get it fixed.


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