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No central heating or hot water since 19th Dec

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Hi all,

Asking for advice if possible (first time poster).

Our boiler in our private rented house was due to be serviced in Oct 16 (its an anual service that’s due). We had requested our Landlady do this and she would get back to us when she had arranged it. It was eventually arranged for the 19th Dec 16 with a company her brother works for as the usual bloke (freind of a friend) was no longer doing them. 

On inspection, the boiler was condemed straight away due to safety issues and it not being up to relevent efficiency levels (not ideal christmas week). Up until this point the boiler was burning though upwards of £100 a month in gas so I knew something was wrong. 

My landlady called me the same day to advise the issue and that she would arrange for electric heaters to be sent over. These were dropped around 8 hours later. We were told that an electric shower would be installed but not connected until the 23rd. This was then connected to provide shower facilities.

Since then, we have had no further visits to the house, leaving us with no central heating and no hot water. Her response was that the company she wants to complete the work (her brothers company) are currently working on her parents house and they will not be doing anything on our house until this is complete.

It has been a month nearly since all this has happened, my question is…where do I stand? I have read on other forums on here that this should be classed as an emergancy? Also, as part of the tennacy agreement should the boiler not be insured so that any company can complete the repairs?

Extremely frustrated! 


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Of course this is an emergency.. 

Download our guide – Repairs of heating and hot water in rented properties

It will give you all the information you need on who is responsible for what in regards to heating and hot water in your property. Furthermore, there are template letters there to sent to your landlord. 

Considering you’re in the mids of the discussion, you can skip the first one and send your landlady a Final request for repairs before action. Basically, tell the landlady she’s either going to fix the problem ASAP (48 hours to take action), or you’re reporting the problem to the council. 

The council can help you out in enforcing repairs in the property.

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