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No deposit can I still be charged

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I didn’t pay a deposit when I moved in and now 3 months after leaving the property the landlord has sent me a bill for over £300 for cleaning and decorating and rubbish removal. There was no rubbish in the property except a TV which was working and it was cleaned when we moved out, and the decor was the same as it was when we moved in, maybe a little worn from time. can he still charge me? 



I assume that there was no inventory done either. It’s strange for the landlord to chase your for money 3 months later, however, is there any chance that this bill is legitimate ?

You should best contact the landlord and negotiate with them about the money and demand a list of items that are covered under this £300 bill. 

Ultimately though, you can refuse to pay and the landlord will have to go to court to claim this money. If they do, and succeed, you will probably have to pay the legal bill as well.

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