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No Guarantor but Rent Guarantee Insurance

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Hi everyone 

Im in a bit of a pickle, im currently in the process of applying for a property to rent and my guarantor has been rejected on the ground they dont earn enough. 

In the application is says only, if earnings are substantial enough to cover rent, for which they are, however the estate agent has made up a number higher than their salary and says we need to pay £75 to propose a new guarantor. 

We are stuck now as we only have one person we have around to use. 

I offered to pay Rent Guarante Insurance, to act as cover, basically better than what a guarantor could do, but i was refused? 

What ground do i have to stand on? 

I feel the estate agents havent contacted the landlord and are just going through admin money making schemes 

Any advice would be very much appreciated


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Hi Rob,

Guarantors do usually need a higher income than Tenants as they have to prove that they can cover theor own living expenses AND yours. For instance we require tenants to earn at least x2.5 their rent share but we require Guarantors to earn at least x3.

This varies from agent to agent. Ultimately they are entield to set the terms as they see fit HOWEVER if they decline your tenancy (regardless of issue- unles you have been found to have cmmitted fraud/been misleading) they must return any fees paid.

You may want to check out a service called Housing Hand here:

Hope that helps

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