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No Guarantor :(

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Hi.the past 2 tenancies I have had I have paid 6 months rent upfront with bond as I have no guarantor.the letting agents have been fine with this.then paid 6 months upfront again when renewal was I am looking to rent again privately as we have been served no fault sec 21 to every time we ask about a property.agents want a guarantor even with the whole rent upfront.(I am son is disabled and my wife is our full time carer) this is what I want and need to know that might help.

.1,.is it law that I have to have a guarantor?

2.why do I need a guarantor if all the rent is already paid upfront.

3,I feel discrimination is playing a part as what’s to stop a working person suddenly stop paying rent! 

Any help appreciated

The reason we are looking elsewhere is the rent has gone up and the landlord wants us to re apply for the house instead of a renewal. Also I believe my landlord is doing this out of revenge for reporting repairs that aren’t being fixed IE..toilet leaking.dripping on to floor and our hob broke on Xmas day whilst cooking dinner!.hob got fixed after 3 wks but toilet has been dripping for 1yr..even her handyman has had 3 attempts to fix it but made it worse! 

Hope someone can help!

Many thanks 


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If you believe you’re being “evicted” or served s21 notice out of revenge, please read one of our latest posts, which discusses that topic in details –

As for your question: 

No, it’s not a legal requirement to ask for / provide a guarantor when renting. It’s up to the landlord, the agent and tenant to negotiate these terms. Typically disabled persons are perceived as higher risk, because many are not able to work and earn income. Some rely on housing benefits, others on their personal savings. Some people find a way to earn money and support their life and wellbeing, but not all. 

Becuase of this, it’s frequent to be asked for a guarantor, who will commit to your housing costs in the eventuality that you can’t. 

Normally, the need for a guarantor is negated by offering half or the full amount of rent upfront. This is why it’s very strange to be rejected in such a manner. 

You can play the discrimination card and try to force your way into a property by accusing agents who reject you of discrimination. I can’t say that this is a sure fire strategy, but it doesn’t hurt to try, if they are not going to give you the property anyway. 

Other than that, please check our article on guarantors and credit checks –

It will give you more information on where else you might be lacking in your referencing process. Maybe you can compensate for your lack guarantors in other areas. 

As always, property hunting requires a lot of patience and you shouldn’t give into frustration. I’m sure that you will eventually find a good home, just keep trying. 

You can also try and delay your current “eviction” with a month or two, if you’re unlikely to find a property that suits in time to comply with the s21 notice. Just talk to your landlord and try to reason. 

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