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No Heating for a month... so far

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I am hoping someone can help.  We have no heating in our property and have had no heating for about a month.  I reported the heating when it stopped working and was told by the landlord she cannot afford the repairs, so our options were to pay for it ourselves and she would take it from our rent or we would simply have to wait until she can afford it.  We also could not afford to fix it!

The house was peviously with a letting agent, has only gone back to the landlord in the last 3 months.  We have lived there for 4 years and had no problems!  Where do I stand with this?  I know witholding rent is not an option, but I am at the stage that we are looking for altenative accommodation because the landlord is a cowboy!

What can I legally do?  We do want to move, so trying to salvage our landlord/tenant relationship is of no conccern to me!



Hi Leah,

Very simply- the Landlord is in breach of contract. She has both a contractual and legal obligation to address such an issue and is in breach of both. If she is unable to repair the issue then she really has no issue but to release you from the Tenancy agreement effective immediately.

I would seek legal advice before doing anything however personally, I would write her a letter/email advising that she is in breach of both contract and law. As such, you are seeking a new home and will require her to surrender the tenancy as soon as a new property is found.

In reality, she should just find a company that will do it on finance and then pay it from the rent but it sounds like her issues may be very complicated.

Hope that helps

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