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No heating in the bedroom for over a month...

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Hi there – I’ve lived in my flat for just over one month.  The electric wall-unit heater in the bedroom was broken when I moved in.  A handyman came and said there wasn’t any power coming through at all.  I have asked my landlord repeatedly what’s going on and am just getting vague answers (they couldn’t figure out how to fix that unit / he ordered a new one but it was the wrong model).  I’m wondering if because I am responsible for paying the electric, do I have any rights here to withhold any rent as it’s a main room and the middle of winter?  

Many thanks –

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Hi Meredith

It’s never a good idea to withold your rent as you will then give the landlord grounds to remove you from the property as you’ll be in breach of your tenancy agreement.

Could you ask the landlord for a specific timetable? You could buy a temporary portable heater for the room yourself and then bill the landlord. You could also ask for a rent reduction for the period without heat in the bedroom – your rent presumaly includes working heaters in all rooms (if that’s what it says in the tenancy) so if you’re not getting that it’s only fair you pair a reduced rent until you do.

When you next contact the landlord you could ask for a timetable and mention the two steps above and see if that motivates them to take some action. There’s also some general info on getting repairs done here.

Whatever you choose, you need to agree in writing any rent reduction etc with the landlord – or taking the cost of a portable heater out of your next rent payment – or you’re not paying the full rent and all your other rights go out of the window.


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