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no heating or hot water

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Hi,  im just enquiring if its acceptable for landlord to leave me with no hot water or heating for 4 days, I have  got the gas fire on but it useing my gas fast,  landlord came at christmas because it went then and he said its the fan in the boiler and he spun it off and said it shud last till over the holidays ill fix it but then never came back till it went again but he turned it all off now so have none at all,  and I messaged him to see if I get any replacement s but no answer as I have 3 children my youngest is 4, is landlord in is rights or not.thanks

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In my view, it depends if the landlord has done anything to fix it in those 4 days.  If he is doing everything he can to resolve the situation but is restrained by parts having to be ordered, or some other delay beyond his control, then he is not acting unreasonably.   If he has done very little to resolve it then it is certainly unacceptable. 

I think 5 days is sufficient for a resolution so anything beyond that should be deserving of a temporary rent reduction.


Has he previously provided you with evidence of the annual gas safety inspections?


Yes I do get my gas saftey done every year,  but my boiler is old he said but my landlord just seems to be bodging it up all the time because different things keep going wrong with it instead of replacing it.

Service provider

If there is still no movement then threaten to cal the councils environmental health dept.  No landlords want the council sniffing around their property.


Hi Leanne

You could also try asking the landlord for a rent reduction to cover the period in which the property hasn’t been fully functioning. Most people seem to go for around 30-50%. It can be difficult to get a landlord to agree to this if they’re not being entirely reasonable and there’s no ‘right’ to it. However, at the very least it can be a motivator to get a landlord moving on repairs issues if they know you’re keeping track of how it’s being handled and considering your options.



my landlord got an engineer out to my boiler on the same day but i wasnt home [although i said i would be]

i think the landlord should have been there instead of me but they said they couldnt attend. i had a change of plan and because of this i had to wait two more days [turned out i hadnt switched the heating on]

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