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No heating or hot water

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There has been a problem with the boiler in my flat for two weeks now.  The water is not heating up and when I use the hot water, the pressure would go down and the boiler would not work, due to the pressure being low.  Reported it to my landlord, it took about a week for the gas engineer to have a look at it.  He looked at it, stripped it and changed parts.  I was then told that there was a part that needed to be ordered.  Then on Wednesday the part was fitted and the boiler is still not working, hot water is not coming into the boiler.  Landlord has now said he is going to insure the boiler and then call them out to have a look at it.  However, the landlord has said it will be 30 days before the account is activated to be able to call an engineer out, under the insurance.  This means I have no hot water or heating.  By the time the insurance kicks in, I will have been without heating or hot water for 6 weeks!!

My question is what can I do in the mean time?  Should my landlord be offering an alternative source of heating and hot water? Can I rent alternative accomodation and charge the landlord?

I have elcetric heaters, but have to boil large saucepans and kettles to get hot water.  I can’t do this for 4 more weeks!

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even after the 30 days the firm its insured with might just realise landlord is scamming them.I would keep insisting that he does the repair now.He is just trying to save money.Try enviromental health at local council see what they say


Hi Camilla

The landlord is in breach of your tenancy for every day that you don’t have the heating and hot water he is legally and contractually obliged to provide. So, you’re well within your rights to ask him for a rent reduction for that time or to pay for alternative heat sources or accommodation. If he refuses then point out that it’s winter so it’s not reasonable to wait all this time. If he still doesn’t play ball then you might want to start putting things in official looking letters – signed, dated and sent by recorded delivery, setting out what has happened and what you want done about it and when. It’s not your problem that the boiler doesn’t work, it’s his – you don’t have to be patient beyond a ‘reasonable’ time and you’ve done that. He’s the one with the legal responsibility to provide heat and hot water.

If your landlord really won’t agree to anything then you have the option of threatening to tell the insurance company that the fault was pre-existing (which to be honest they are probably going to realise themselves anyway). Your landlord is basically trying to commit fraud and if you feel there’s no risk to you by threatening to report him then you can use that in your favour to either end the tenancy and move on (getting him to surrender it in writing) or agreeing to a big rent reduction that would allow you to go somehere else while the boiler is being fixed. I’m not a lawyer so speak to citizens advice if you want a legal opinion.


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