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No heating or hot water

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hello everyone, I’m new on here my first post, just some advise needed. My boiler broke Tuesday 13th of this month. Plumber came out to look at it yesterday he said a new boiler needs to be fitted, the one at the moment is very old. Now my landlord was contacted about a new boiler needed fitting etc, I messaged my landlord to ask what was happening he replied with, I don’t know as I’m on my way to the airport now I’m going on holiday, fair enough he’s entitled to a holiday. He said you won’t need heating for the next week or so anyway,  I live at the back of the building no sun hits it, so it’s always cold even in the height of the summer. I have recently been seriously ill spending weeks in hospital and still suffering now. There are no electric heaters in here only gas radiators. I can go to a friends for a bath but it’s the inconvience of it due to health issues. Is there any advice off anyone what I can do to hurry this along or do I just have to wait it out. Thanks guys.

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You want to send your landlord an official letter for repairs. It will allow you to complete a procedure, at the end of which you can complain in the local council at the Environmental Health department. 

That’s the legal route, but it’s can really be a long time. Try to negotiate in the meantime and get your landlord to supply electric heaters while the boiler gets replaced 

Please download this guide and read the information there – it will help you understand your rights –

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