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No Heating or Hot Water Since Moving In!! Help

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   I recently rented a property lease commencement date of 9/9/16. The property was let through an estate agent who informed me the owner is managing the property herself.

Shortly after moving in i noticed the combi boiler was not working and constantly cutting out. This means there is absolutly no warm water nor heating available to me at the start of the lease. I contacted the LandLady immediately since then she has sent a boiler specialist out who has stated the oil tank needs replaced. This was on 16/09/16. Since then there has been absolutly no communication I have tried on numerous occasions to get in contact all with no success.

This is now 12 days without warm water or heating. 

How do i proceed?

The law says without heating the property is inhabitable. Surely then I should not have to pay rent for a place which is inhabitable?

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I would get your local environmental health team (through your local council) involved. Ask them to do a home visit.

They will do a report and send it your landlord. This will give full details of any failings on her part, and a date in which to get them sorted by.

Hope this helps 🙂

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