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No heating with baby

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I’ve had many problems with my property (electric, fire, heating and so on)

My boiler for my property is in the loft when we first moved in there was a problem with the over flow and the pressure kept dropping whick meant my boyfriend had to keep topping the water up in the loft (too high for me to reach) this was eventually fixed (landlady wanting quotes first) now im left with no heating again and my babys room this morning was 13c, I’ve been told this may be the electrics in the loft as they are a mess and don’t work, the landlady is away for a month and no email access?? I’ve also no hot water as ive no dial for my heating.

Im so fed up apparently the landlady knew of these problems before we moved in ( knew the girl before us) 

Any help would bw appreciated, thanks in advance. 

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Hi Sam

This is very poor landlording. Have you had a gas safety check on the boiler and do you know when the electrics were last checked? The gas safety is legally required every 12 months and the electrics should be safe when a tenants move in and safely maintained – if not then the landlord could be fined significantly by the Health and Safety Executive (and you can threaten to report her if she doesn’t pull her finger out and fix things).

Do you have a phone number for the landlady where she is? I would leave multiple messages until she returns your call. Do you have the details of who carried out the work last time? You could also call them as I think engineers and plumbers often guarantee their work i.e. if it doesn’t fix the problem they will come and try again without charging. 

The only other thing I can think of is to pay an engineer’s bill yourself to get it fixed and then try to get her to agree to repay you.


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