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No Hot Water - Advice needed

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Evening all,

I was looking for a little advice regarding a hot water issue in the property that I rent.

At the start of the month I reported to my landlord that we had a problem with the hot water running cold after about 30 seconds or less. (There was a boiler issue a few months before however a temporary fix was put in place – LL was warned that the issue would recur if the boiler wasn’t replaced).

So the first contact was made on the 4th March, the landlord agreed with me that British Gas would attend on the Monday the 9th to replace the boiler.

On the Friday evening he called me to say that they were not now going to attend as he had found a cheaper alternative (one of his contacts), the first point being I’d taken a days’ leave to be at home for this and could not change this, so I lost a day.
I was then told that that his contact would call me, he did not – despite the LL telling me that he had been calling me – but I had no contact from his contact.

LL said instead that they would come to view the issue on the Monday (When I was off) but then did not, and he called to say he would have to attend later that week so he attended on the Thursday with his contact and they spent some time looking a the boiler whilst my Wife was home, they left and then the issue got worse and there has been no hot water at all.

The LL then called to say he could get the boiler replaced this weekend (21/22 Mar).

It will be almost 3 weeks without hot water come this weekend, we have had to resort to showering at the gym or friends houses, or boiling kettles for hot water for showers and for washing dishes, which will no doubt increase our electricity bill, we’ve also had the additional fuel costs for driving to places for a shower! It’s really getting to a point where it’s not really on.

Has anyone been in a similar situation?

Does anyone have any guidelines on what kind of compensation I should ask for this kind of breakdown? (Bearing in mind that it could have been fixed a few days after it happened had the original appointment been kept)

Does this constitute a breach of contract on an AST?

Many Thanks



Hi D,

Issues like this are complex because, unfortunately, there are many factors to consider. A Landlord does have a right to address the issue as they see fit (compliant to reg’s of course) however they should do so quite quickly. For major boiler issues requiring replacement the turn around scheudle is often 7-10 days (once the issue has been reported, quoted, ordered, booked and completed) but 3 weeks is excessive.

Whilst not as expedient as it should be the Landlord did stay in contact and seem to be quite opaque about what was going on.

There is no set framework for compensation but you should, at the least, be able to obtain any costs incurred as a result of this that you can substantiate.

That said, I would suggest a fair figure (say 10% of the rent for the 3 week period) and request this as compensation. Ultimately, however, if you cant reach an agreement n this your only alternative would be to pursue the matter through the courts which is costly, time consuming and rulings are difficult as it is hard to quantify a specific value for the issue in hand.

Hope that helps.

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