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No Hot Water for nearly 3 weeks

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Hello all, i am a tenant of south anglia circle housing.

We have been waiting nearly 3 weeks for 2 elements to be changed on our immersion heater. These parts are available from any plumbing center of the shelf.

Its been a total cock up from the start. They are using a sub contractor and the sub is saying they need to order the parts, which is a total load of rubbish.

South Anglia Circle Housing are incompetant of fulfiling a simple yet nessisity repair.

This has now become a formal complaint. I have wrote a letter stating that if its not fixed by the 03/03/2016 i will be contacting a emergency plumber and have them carry out the work. And i will invoice Circle Housing. Also stating that if its not paid within 14 days i will take them to a small claims court.

I am asking, am i in my rights to do this. The date is getting closer, and we are still no clearer when this repair is going to be completed.


Hi Andy

If the repair costs less than £250 then you could use the Right to Repair scheme – there’s more info on that here.

I’m not sure on what basis you would take them to the small claims court – I’m not a lawyer but I think you might struggle with breach of tenancy. However, it might be worth speaking to someone at Citizens Advice about whether this is possible.

Shelter outlines a useful for procedure for deducting the cost of repairs from rent that might be useful – more info here.


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