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No Hot Water or Heating for 3days and counting THT

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Hi i wonder if anyone can give me advice,  i live in a 14 floor tower block and the hot water pipes in the building burst on Saturday flooring the halls etc. 

We havr currently been without hot water and heating since and each time we ask whats happening we just get told its being worked on and will be resolved as soon as possible. 

Does anyone know how long they can leave us without as its a communal boiler system so none of us have our own bolier or gas supply. 

Many Thanks 


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Hi Kez

You do need to give your landlord a ‘reasonable’ time in which to do the repairs, which unfortunately is quite a subjective term as it will depend on the situation. Normally your situation would count as an emergency and so action should be taken asap but there are many variables. 

There’s some information here on where the heating and hot water responsibilities that the landlord has to you come from. You should be given more information than you are i.e. a timetable as to when they think it’s going to be resolved and why it’s taking so long. This shouldn’t be difficult for them to do – they’ve already had five days to identify the problem so it should just be a case of scheduling the repairs.

You could ask for a rent reduction during that period (is it a privately rented property?) to cover the inconvenience as well as compensation for any losses, for example buying electric heaters to keep you warm or paying to shower in a local gym. If everyone in the block was to send a communication about this at the same time then it might also serve to motivate them to a)keep you better informed and b) get on with it, rather than face multiple compensation claims.


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