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No hot water taps in property

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My boyfriend has just moved into a rented property that used to be a garage/warehouse type of building. When moving in he was told there are no gas bills only electric. There are electric radiator things in every room but the hot taps both run cold. The shower is electric. I want to know if it is a legal requirement to have hot water coming from the taps in the kitchen and bathroom? I can’t see how this is allowed and how the estate agents thought it’d be ok to not tell him about it before moving in. Thank you

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OMG! As far as I am aware, having read and researched Tenancy agreements very thoroughly with our own problems. 

Landlord’s responsabilities- 5.9 sect 11 a supply of water and heating. Google CAB Or SHELTER and send them an email, they will confirm that just a shower is NOT the obligation, it must be more than that!

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