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No kitchen sink for 3.5 weeks

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Hi there, 

I’m hoping I can get some advice on here. We rent a shared flat from a private landlord but need to liaise with a letting agency (John D Wood) for earthing. Long story short, our relatively new kitchen sink tap broke and we were without one, as well as running water in the kitchen, for 3.5 weeks. This was due to the delayed process of dealing with a slow letting agency, waiting for parts to arrive from the manufacturer, getting the wrong parts, and then the process repeating. Eventually, new tap was installed. Hallelujah. We felt 3.5 weeks without a kitchen sink tap warranted compensation. Landlord didn’t come back to us for 2 weeks. Said no, not her fault as it’s a faulty tap. Letting agency said we have to deal directly with tap manufacturer to seek compensation. As a rent paying tenant, this doesn’t feel right to me. Any advice? 



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Hi Cherie- the Landlord is responsible as they are providing the service. However, you did have other running water in the flat correct? If so, whilst a huge inconvenience, the reality is compensation will be hard to secure and minimal.

To calcuate this- take the weekly rent, divide by the nuber of rooms in the property. You then have to calculate what % of the kitchen a tap accounts for which I would advise is no more than 10%. So, if you are renting a 2 bed 2 bath flat for £400 per week this would be £400/6 = £66.67 x 10% = £6.67 x 3.5 = £23.33.

The question you have to ask is how much time and effort do you want to put in to pursuing a sum like this?

If the Landlord & Agent refuse compensation your only real route is to ewither try filing a complaint with a redress scheme (e.g. TPOS- dictated by which scheme the agent is a member of). Failing that you could go to court but this is almost impossible for less than a £600 claim.

Probably now what you wanted to hear but hope it helps- Kristjan

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