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No Power

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The power to our flat failed.  Upon contacting the power supplier the said it was a landlord issue   our landlord then said it’d be 12 hours before an electrician would be here  can anyone please advise if this is reasonable and what we can do about it?  We have a young child and no power at all overnight. 

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Hello Ricky, 
Your landlord is responsible for repairs including the electrical equipment and power grid. It’s unfortunate that you have such a power shortage, however, if your landlord has already scheduled an electrician to visit, they have done the necessary commitment. 
You must realise that repairs don’t happen in an instant, and especially if the problem occurred in the evening. There is every chance that the electrician will not be available until the next day.
12 hours with no power is certainly a downer, but you have to keep your patience and help will come soon. 
Just in case, here is our guide on electrical safety, if you need it – Electrical Safety – Repair of Rented Properties


I appreciate that, but with a 5 year old son who surely would be considered a vulnerable person he has a duty of care to ensure an electrician is dispatched to the property that evening.  There are electricians available 24 hours a day, had it been the fault of our electicity supplier they said they would have had an electrician on site within a couple of hours.  It was almost 48 hours before the issue was eventually resolved – that is completley unacceptable.  His attitude towards our ruined food, we’re not in a position to be able to fill up the fridge/freezer again but have had to, stank.  As I said, it wasn’t 12 hours without power – just shy of 48 to be exact.

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