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No refund of Deposit and over payment of rent!

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Hi all.

We moved out of our property rented through Fox & Sons (managed under Sequence and Connells) part way through a month. So we had paid rent in advance, as we had to pay on a certain day of the month.

So when we did the checkout, it was 14 days prior to when the rent woud have been due again.

They have admitted (via email and on the phone) that they owe us £975 in rent and £432 in rent over payment. I gave them our BACS details so that both of these monies could be returned to us.

Nothing has been returned! 

I started a dispute via the deposit scheme that they put our monies in, for the deposit money back. As of yet they have offered no response to our dispute. 

Nobody seems to want to take responsibility for which department is returning the rent part of the monies owed.

We are beyond frustrated, that a over a month afte checkout, we have had NONE of the money owed to us. Despite full admittance that they owe us the money we are asking for!

I have started an internal complaints procedure with Sequence, which they have acknowledged but not reponded to.

I cannot raise a complaint with their ombudsman until I have allowed a suitable enough elapse of time for the complaint.

I find it quite shocking that they can just hold on to money that is not theirs to keep. But if it was the other way around we would incur god knows how many sets of charges for constant reminders that we owed them!

Is there anything that can be done to really get them moving?? They cannot be allowed to just keep money that the CAB have advised SHOULD be returned within 10 days of the end of the tenancy.

Thank you 🙂

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Sorry, that should have said £975 in deposit owed and £432 in rent over payment.

I could find no way to edit my thread.

Thank you 🙂

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