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No Running Water and No Help

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This is my first time posting to this forum – I’ve had problems over the years, but I’m now seriously at my wit’s end. 

There’s been no running water in the flat my wife and I rent since this morning. We’re the top flat in a one-up-one-down Tyneside flat. I have been away on business for a few days, but when the wife’s attempt to sort it went nowhere, I got involved using my mobile and the internet.

I’ve been in touch with the estate agent and out-of-hours plumber. Both have guessed the problem is that the downstairs landlord must have switched the communal stopcock off, but I disputed this, pointed out that downstairs has been empty for months and the downstairs landlord doesn’t live nearby. We’ve been told to contact the downstairs landlord and ask him to do it for us, but we have no contact details whatsoever and don’t know if there is an agent involved with the property.

We have never been told where the stopcock is, so I don’t even know if we really do have a communal stopcock. Neither hot nor cold water is running.

I have tried our water supplier, who say they can’t do anything.


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Can’t your water supplier give you the contact details for the owner below ? 

Other than that, you can try the HM Land registry, where you can find who is the owner of the property below. 

Also, contact you own landlord who will likely know their neighbor and their contact details. 

Also, contact the agent and tell them to either start working on the solution, or you’re contacting the council and causing a fuss. (You can request a health and safety inspection to confirm the lack of water supply, which is the landlord’s responsibility to provide.)

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