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No thermostat or TRV's

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I rent a flat that has no thermostat or TRV’s, just temperature and timer controls on the boiler. I like to be energy efficient, and in control of how i’m heating my home, but having to use pliers to turn down the radiators, and also having to get up and down to turn the heating on and off when it’s too cold or hot is really inconviniant. 

do you think it’s reasonable to ask the landlord to fit TRV’s and a wireless thermostat? or maybe split the cost with me? i did read a few places about it being in building regulations for installing a new boiler since 2010, which they have. 

any tips for approaching this would be good!


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Hi Martin

I think that’s totally reasonable (although I’m not sure you should be paying). There are measures coming in from 2018 that will see landlords with properties that drop below a certain energy efficiency rating being banned from taking tenants so these kind of changes are good for landlords to make now.

I’m not a lawyer or an expert but are these the building regulations? Page 15 seems to support your argument.

There are a number of grants available for landlords who are making changes that will upgrade the energy efficiency of a property. You could direct your landlord to the Energy Saving Trust website for more info.



this is the regs i was talking about,

but i think it’s the same thing really. 

it’s hard cause i don’t want them to think i’m threatening them with legalities, but i also really want them to do it. 

i’ve suggested just a wireless thermostat, as i can install that easy enough, and as we’re mostly only ever in one room at a time, we wouldnt really need TRV’s. 

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