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No toilet or bathroom for three to four weeks

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Our Landlord has verbally told us of some improvements he wants to do on the property.  He can’t give me a start date but he says it will be soon. I have written a letter to him asking him all the important questions, because initially it sounded like the work would require us to vacate the property.  He has text me saying that we can stay in the property but that there will be no toilet and no access to the only bathroom/shower room in the property.  We have water at the kitchen sink that is all.  

He says the bathroom side of the work will take three to four weeks.

He is expecting us to stay in the property during this refurbishment and is therefore offering no rent break or reduction.

I am considering moving permanently or moving out temporarily.  Neither of which we can afford and I will need financial support from my friends and family to do this.

Surely this is unacceptable.   My partner spoke to the local council who suggested the landlord is not breaking the law. Isn’t access to sanitation a bear minimum ?

I work away and my partner is there with our two year old and our 1 month old.   It is freaking her out, as she can’t seem to get a response from the landord in writing.

What should we do ?  What tenancy or landlord acts can we point at or quote, to get someone to see sense ?


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Isn’t access to sanitation a bear minimum ? – It is. Not having access to a shower and a toilet makes the property uninhabitable and 4 weeks it too much time for you to endure without hygiene facilities.  The landlord should offer you alternative accommodation, or suspend your rent until the property is back to usable shape.  Demand a more serious response from the local council or follow their complaints routine. You may also contact your local MP and demand them for a resolution.  Here is our article –

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