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No water for 4 days and no heating for 33days

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I need help on my rights as a tenant. My boiler packed up and was leaking everywhere. I called the letting agents who sent out a plumber within the hour, he stopped the leak and said that I will need a new boiler. He had to turn off the water to stop the leak. I then spoke to the agents who said that the landlord uses his own plumber and he wants him to have a look. He came out the next day and came to the same conclusion that I needed a new boiler, he also left me with NO water. The same plumber come out THREE days later and done some pipe work to give me water. Through various reasons it has been 33days and I have finally just got hot water. Although I haven’t had to pay for the work to be done I was wondering does anyone know what I’m entitled to, if i can hold back rent or ask for compensation for this month long inconvenience. Thanks

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It is a good sign that the letting agent and landlord acted immediately to your request and it is common for landlord’s to to use their own trusted tradespeople to do their repairs.

It is very inconvenient to be without water for several days, and no hot water for 33 days, especially when you are paying full rent for a service that you cannot use.

However, you must not withhold rent or you will be giving your landlord grounds for eviction.

As you haven’t been able to use part of your home due to disrepair, you could write to your landlord (keep a copy for your own records) and request some compensation for the inconvenience. Hopefully you will be able to amicably negotiate a fair deal between you. Rather than asking for the full month’s rent, a percentage off would be more reasonable as you were able to use the majority of your home.

For more information see the Shelter website:

All the best.

Disclaimer: This information is derived from personal experience and should not be relied upon as a definitive or accurate interpretation of the law.

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