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No water

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hi, there was a leak in my daughters room straight through the floor in to the living room yesterday night. British Gas have been out but they said it’s not the hearing it’s the water tank in the loft so still can’t put the water on. We’ve now been over 24hrs with no water at all!

i have a 2 year old daughter who’s having to sleep in my room due to her floor being wet and I can’t bathe or shower her or even flush the loo. 

What happens in these circumstances?? I’m a single mum , the landlord is on holiday and the letting agents are unwilling to help. What do I do?



Hi Tia,

You must contact Environmental Health at your local council immediatly. Remember agents ONLY act for the Landlord, they cannot make decisions for them.The Landlord will have to pay for repairs, and if the Landlord has left no emergency funding for you, then the agents are never interested. Environmental Health will force the landlord to do the repairs, and give the agent a time limit.

I hope that your local council can give you some temporary housing until you can return home, after all works are completed. I think it is also worth contacting SHELTER in your case.

Do Not put up with your situation! Inform as many official bodies you can, and keep a paper trail. You could start by putting in an official complaint to your letting agent, as the excuse that the Landlord is on holiday is a lame one. They must have some emergency funds, as this is most likely an insurance claim for the Landlord. REMEMBER though any of your possessions damaged,  are for you to claim from your contents insurance.

Get Emailing now!

Best Wishes


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