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Noise level

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so the building complex I live in has a no smoking policy. I had 3 of my friends come over they decided to smoke out in the balcony, then the managers husbands comes out & tells us we can’t smoke. We apologized for doing it, & just went inside. After some time in my apartment one of my friends needs a smoke break so we decide to go out the building complex to smoke, needless to say a few minutes later the husband once again appears at this point we’re just hang around no one is smoking we’re watching a video. He tells us to turn it down a bit so we do. We decide to stay outside for about an hour. Just talking no biggie right. Then one of my friends sees the husband again but this time he doesn’t come outside, he just looks out the hallway window. One of my friends has a medical marijuana card so he’s allowed to smoke, so he does & we’re still outside this time on the sidewalk. Once again the husband appears outside this time smoking, himself too. Then my friends decide to leave, I go inside & get ready for bed. I hear a knock on my front door from the husband complaining about the noise, but not once were we loud in the apartment it was just outside.  My question here is did he have a right to be upset regarding me being outside with my guests minding our own business? 

P.S. My apartment is right across, from my school. College student. 

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Hi Liz,

This is a UK forum, so I would struggle to advise on US law, however I am pretty sure that, as in the UK, you are free to do what you want outside. If it is illegal people can report you to the police however, other than that, you can do what you want.

Get some local advice but it sounds like you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Hope that helps

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