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herding elephants every early am everyday. Can I do anything about this? Asked letting agency specifically about noise and they lied, of course!

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Hi Lana

Dont always assume a Letting Agent is lying- remember, they dont live at the property. The noise will also vary on who lives above and how sesnsitive to noise the people are below.

I would start by trying to have a friendly chat with your neighbours upstairs. See if they can take it easy or, maybe, consider not wearing shoes in the flat and, possibly, even out some rugs down.

This is your best shot at a quick and amicable solution. If this doesnt work, you can try to escalate this through the agent, Landlord or Council but there is ultimately little they can do as older properties dont have sound insulation requirements (under Building Regs) and no one can ultimately force the people above to tread gently.

Try starting up some dialogue with them a few times, if possible, before bringing up the noise issue. Showing them (if amenable) always helps too- people iften dont realise how nisy they are until they hear it for themselves.

Hope that helps- good luck


Hi Kristjan, thanks for the reply. I am not very trusting of letting agencies based on mine and other peoples past experiences. I get the impression they will say anything and leave out information just to push the sell. The noise is so loud and frequent that I find it really hard to believe no one ever complained before.

The flat was described as suitable for working professionals. And at the viewing we specifically asked if there was any noise, as we have suffered with this problem in the past and moved as a reult of it . We were told there were no children in the building, the walls are thick and that it is very quiet.

It is in a very calm and peaceful location so that is one of the reasons we went for it.


We found out the morning after we moved in and every day after that its not quiet, on a daily basis  the person upstairs does a lot of walking around all the time. The worst thing is the time of day this happens. Stomping around at 3am, then 5.30 am and keeps going till 8am at least. The carpet must be thin, flooring old but she is also heavy footed. She also drags a heavy piece of furniture early every morning on a daily basis, including weekends at around 7.30am (and again in the evening which makes me think its a dinner table). when she walks the ceiling shakes and the noise is so loud you wonder if she is going to fall through the ceiling. We cannot get decent sleep everyday, or peace and quiet especially on the weekend. Just when you think it is quiet and decide to take an unplanned nap on the sofa on Saturday afternoon you will find yourself jolted awake by some stomping. There is no relief, even on a Sunday morning because it gets worse.
The landlord has spoken to her but that has made no difference, if anything it might have made her worse which is why we are hesitant to speak to her. We are under the impression she doesnt care.

It is a nightmare to find out about this property the hard way,after the stress of packing, moving all boxes and furniture. It seems like there is nothing we can do about it, we either have to live with it or move!

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