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Not a legal tenancy agreement

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Hi….I need some advice please. It’s a long story but will try and keep it simple. When I first moved into my rented property I was with my partner but after 2 years he left me…I was working up until a year and half ago as I was dismissed on ill health from my nhs job so had to apply for housing benefit….My landlord gave me a copy of my tenancy agreement in which he signed and left my details and how much rent in have to pay each month and when he due date was…So asked him that because my local council wouldn’t except it unless it was filled in properly he said well you can fill it in…So because I was getting into rent arrears as I was waiting for housing benefit to start and with the landlord on my back about rent in had to fill my details in….But as I’m really poorly atm and the way my housing benefit is being paid I’m not making rent payments on the date it’s due it’s usually 2 weeks late. I asked him if he could change the due date for my rent as I wouldn’t always be in arrears he said no I want it on the due date….It’s not that I don’t pay it it’s just I’m always late paying due to housing benefit payments….Now he is threatening me with eviction for always being in arrears by 2 weeks each month….But he told me that his partner who also owns the house wanted to come to the house to have a go at me I’m like what I didn’t even know there was another person involved with the house…I’ve been asking him for 2 years for gas & electric safety certificates because I keep having issues with the boiler and the electrics keep tripping he refuses to get the safety checks done…He did once send someone to do a light fitting that was damaged he didn’t have a clue I had to tell him how to do the fitting and to advise him to turn off the electricity before handling the wires….I’m at my wits end with him I’ve asked him about my deposit he said he owed his brother money so he gave it to him….I don’t know what to do but I’m to ill to move atm and I’m worried he will evict me

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IF you want to “keep it simple”, next time please format your post.. Blocks of text are awful. 

On to your questions: 

Your landlord can’t evict you for paying two weeks late every month. The housing benefits system frequently produces delays, even when transferring funds directly to the landlord’s account. 

The court will grant the landlord an immediate possession order if you’re in arrears of two months or MORE. Not two weeks. This is the landlords’ bluff to pressure you into doing what they want and not complaining too much. 

On to the next;

If you don’t have a valid gas safety certificate (and they are valid for up to 12 months), your landlord is in a serious breach of health and safety rules and can suffer a heavy fine from the local council if you file a complaint. 

If your electrical grid / appliances are producing hazards, your landlord can also suffer a fine. 

Ultimately, if your landlord said so about your deposit, this likely means that it’s not protected. Please download our guide and see for yourself. If your deposit is not protected, you’re most likely eligible for compensation of 1-to-3x the deposit amount. 

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