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not contact out of hour's for landlord

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Hi just looking for some advice. I moved in to my house yesterday and the boiler is not working so I have no heating or hot water and 4 small children. By the time I realised the problem the estate agents/landord was shut. I have looked through all the paper work they gave me and there is no out of office hours number or in case of an emergency number on speaking to neighbours who are also tenants of the same landord they confirmed that the office only opparates duringbthe day and in the week, my question is ifbi call out an emergency plumber to fix it can I bill the landlord or deduct it from the rent as the house is freezing and and believe its not a situation I shouldbhave children having to put up with…thank you in advance


Hi Natalie

Most agents that are shut at the weekend should provide details of a contractor to deal with these kinds of emergencies so that’s pretty poor service on their part. Do you have the landlord’s contact details? You could go to them direct and let them know what’s happened – these might be on the tenancy agreement (postal address will be, email address might be) – a good landlord would act straight away and complain to the agents about their lack of service (which of course the landlord is paying for).

If it was the middle of winter and below freezing then you might have a case for doing so but even then if the landlord refused to pay the bill you wouldn’t be able to deduct it from your rent. You can take the risk and get the work done but there’s no guarantee you’d get the money back – even though that’s unfair and stupid, that’s the way it’s most likely to work. Although it’s a ridiculous inconvenience it might be better to wait until office hours and get on to the agents. And make sure you get an out of hours number for next time.

Just as a side note: if you deduct anything from your rent without permission then you could face being evicted for rent arrears.


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