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Not paying rent in front

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Surely I cant be the only one this happens to but im fed up with receiving ‘intention of seeking possession notice’ every month usually the day before i pay each month in full. I cant afford to be a month in front and if i was on dss i would be a month in arrears really gets my goat 

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Hi Carole

I’m not sure I understand – you’re receiving a possession notice every month? Your landlord shouldn’t be sending out one of those unless they want you to leave – that’s very unusual. I’m guessing they’re doing it so that they can at any time ask you to leave because there’s always a possession notice in effect. That goes against the idea of security that a tenancy agreement should provide.

What kind of notice is it – section 21? And how far into the tenancy are you? If you’re within the fixed term then the landlord can’t serve a section 21 notice. On the up side, it does mean that you have much more freedom to leave too if you want to. I’m not a lawyer but I imagine all you would need to do is leave on the end date of one of the notices.

It might be worth taking the documents to Citizens Advice so they can see what tenancy rights you have with the tenancy you’re in. You could also write to the landlord and ask them to stop sending the possession notices unless they’re actually starting the process of removing you from the property.


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