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Not returning Deposit for receipts

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I have a quick question regarding my deposit for my ended tenancy. It has been over 10 days now since we recieved the deductions from our deposits and we have still not recieved our money back from the LL, as he is ‘waiting for physical copies of the bills to ensure they have been paid’ now we didn’t recieve physical copies during our time at the house, which was 2 years. Though we did ask the companies to send us physical copies as proof, however nearly a month later we still have not recieved these copies. Therefore I don’t know if I should be pressuring the companies or my landlord.

Is this fair on the landlords part? within the tenancy agreement it states “The balance of the deposit is to be paid to the tenant ony after vacation of the property, such amount is assessed at the outgoing check upon termination of the agreement and upon the tenant giving proof that all electricity, gas, water, telephone, television and council tax or other bills for the property have been paid”

Now that seems a bit extreme to me though I see it falling in the middle for being fair and unfair… Is it just my landlord being picky not accept e-copies of the bills? 

any help would be apprieciated



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