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Notice after 6 months

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I have rent an unfurnished property six months ago for a one-year period (fixed first six months and then three months notice period). Just after six months, I received a mail asking me either to vacate the property for the two months of summer (I can let my stuff inside if I want) or to vacate permanently in three months. As I don’t want the first solution (I am not gonna to live in a hotel during two months and let the landlords live with all my stuff), I will have to live. I am aware that there is nothing to do about that. It is legal. 

However when I rent the flat, I told the letting agency that I want a long-term rental (several years) as I have a lot of furnitures and it is costly to move. Also I asked to take some measurement of the flat to make some furnitures specially fitting there (due to the special configuration of the flat). I am about sure that the landlord is doing that every year (asking to come back for the summer) which the letting agency is definitively aware of. I am confirming with previous tenants as I got their contact. Is there any way to sue the letting agency to ask reimbursement of both new furnitures I needed to buy and the cost of a moving company. I don’t think it is fair that they hide the fact that the landlord ask every year for 2 months in the flat when I expressely asked for a long term rental. They also told me that the 1 year month (+ 6months fixed) is the standard in UK. I just moved in the country last July. I still have proof of all the communication by mail with the letting agency. 

Thanks for your help. 


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Hi Jonathan,

It is your responsibilty to read the contract befire signing and only to sign if you are happy to do so. Regardless of what an agent or landlord says, it is the contract which dictates terms.

From what you have written, you knowingly signed a contract that enabled the Landlord to serve 3 months notice after 6 months- effectively enabling them to terminate the tenancy at 9 months.

By signing this, you accepted these terms and therefore you are held to those terms. No one has acted unjustly- although I do understand the frustration.

Dont sign a contract if the terms arent in keeping with what has been discussed verbally or agreed initially in writing at time of the initial offer. If you do not understand a contract it is your responsibility to ask for further explanation or to seek independent legal advice on the matter. However, you have made it very clear, you understood the notice term.

Hope that clears this up for you.

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