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Notice and actual leaving date on a periodic tenancy.

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My question is regarding giving notice to leave a periodic tenancy agreement that followed on from a previous fixed term agreement, running from the 5th to the 4th of every month.

Notice was given on the 4th in an email stating that we would like to leave the property and working under the assumption of the previous contract that we leave two months from now.

It then became apparent that due to the lack of a new signed fixed term contract that we did not require to adhere to the original 2 month notice period.

So we then emailed the agent on the 16th to ask if we could bring forward the inventry exit date to the 3th of the coming month so that would be a months notice from the original date, however the landlord replied saying that we stated originally that it would be two months and only on the 16th did we deicide it should be one month an so we have to pay the final months rent due to the amount of time between the 16th and the 4th not being one month. 

I am wondering if this is the case?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Periodic tenancies run month to month and you need to serve a one month notice. (there are exceptions)

You can simply serve a new notice from the current day and ending 30 days later and move out. 

Because you served a two month’s notice, your landlord is entitled to the notice period, unless you serve a new notice (validly). 

Here is some more info:

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