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Notice Period Disagreement

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Hi All

I am staying in 1 bhk in Uxbridge and my letting agent is Cameron’s. I was told initially that my notice period is of 2 months but I dint realise that in the agreement it says that 2 month notice period starts only before contract start date that is 26th of the month. I gave notice on 30th Oct and was expecting that 30th Dec can be my last day. But as I gave notice 4 days later my agent is saying irrespective of notice I have to pay for January rent also

My issue is that my visa is expiring end of Dec, and even if I want I cant stay more than 30th Dec and it will not be appropiate for me to pay for Jan rent. I had given my visa copy to agent before we signed the agreement and he was aware that my visa is expiring end of Dec

Can anyone please guide what legal rights do I have as I dont want to pay for Jan rent as I wont be in this country



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Hi Gaurav

I’m not a lawyer but unfortunately I think if you’ve signed a contract that states you must give notice before a certain date then you need to give notice before that date. If you don’t then you’re bound to pay the rent, regardless of whether you’re still living there.

You could appeal directly to the landlord – the landlord’s address should be on your tenancy agreement – and ask them if they would be willing for your obligations to end when you leave. It might also be worth speaking to someone at Shelter or a Law Centre, just in case there is another option.


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