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Notice Periods

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Could somebody answer me a question

1) We are on 2 months notice to move you (3rd time in 5 years ) because as usual the landlord wants to sell.

We just want to get things over with a start to settle again and have found another house which is available but the landlord won’t agree to us leaving early. He wants us out so why the hell should we have to wait just so that he gets another months rent.

Surely if your given notice you should be able to move at your descrection upto the final day.

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I know it seems like a reasonable request, but it would have to work both ways. If you gave your landlord notice you wanted to move out and they found a new tenant ready to move in straight away, it would put you under a lot of pressure to move out quickly. Unfortunately, most tenants are the ones out of pocket and having to pay rent in two properties as it is nearly impossible to align moving out dates with moving in dates. As badly as you want a fresh start, the time can be used to plan the move carefully find the right place.

Check out our articles for some helpful tips to make the process as smooth as possible:


I tried talking to them and they said that they could rent the house tomorrow to somebody else who will pay the full fees so why should they give us a discount.

The problem is that there is such a demand for private rental properties that agents and landlords can charge whatever they want and people have no option but to pay.

We tried the council but they basically laughed in our faces and said join the queue and come back in 10 years.


If I give notice and the landlord wants me out early to move a new tenant in it is to the landlords advantage.

If they give me notice and insist I stay in the property till the last day it is also to their advantage.

Where exactly do things work to my advantage does the fact I am loosing my home again and having to stump up another load of fees etc come into the equation ?

I feel very strongly about the diabolical state of the housing market in this country. Are there any tenants rights campaigns that I could join ?

Thanks for the moving tips but to be honest we have done it so often we have it down to a fine art.

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