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Notice required??

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i moved into my home in October 2015 I signed a 12 month tenancy agreement with ended in October 2016 since then I have not signed anything else. In my old tenancy agreement it stated I needed to give  2 months notice to leave the property. I am now In A periodic tenancy and pay my rent monthly I have attempted to give 1 months notice to leave the property by my landlord is telling me I can’t and I have to give 2 months or he will have it put on my credit report. From what iv read and speaking to organisations iv been told I only have to give 1 months notice as I’m not in a periodic tenancy and pay monthly rent. Can anyone help me out with advice here I have a date to move into my. Ew home but my landlord is making it impossible x



The notice you should give is equal to your period (if you pay monthly, it’s one month), but can’t be less than one month or 8 weeks, if you pay weekly.

The transition to a periodic tenancy is automatic.

The notice you need to provide is for one month, regardless if the contract stated two months. Remember, the contract ended. The tenancy moved on, with slightly different terms. 

The landlord is pulling your leg. Also, they can’t put anything on your credit record. They may only give you a bad reference, which, in your case, has perfectly good explanation and no good agent or landlord will be affected by it.

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