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Notice to be given when raising rents

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Notice required before an increase

Priavtely renting in the same property for 14 years, on two year fixed tenancy’s. Change in landlord in the last two year tenancy, and just received 3 weeks notice before the term ends of a rent rise. In the 12 years before my landlord always gave me at least 3 months notice and often we used to negotiate, he was very amicable. I have done some checking through high street letting agents and they have said they too give 3 months as a minumum on a tenancy over 12 months – the GOV.UK website states for private renting, the following, can someone verify please. Before anyone thinks I’m opposed to a rent rise I’m not, but I am in the way it’s done and the notice I’m given, especially as a long term tenant. Oh yes, it’s not a buy to let property it’s owned outright, no mortgage.

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A landlord is required to give the tenant sufficient notice before a rent increase is to take effect.

For a monthly, weekly or fortnightly tenancy one month’s notice of the intended increase is required. For a yearly tenancy, a period of six months’ notice is required before the increase can be put into effect.

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