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Notice to quit 3 months into contract

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I need some advice, I moved into my rented property on December 24th  2016 on an AST 6 month contract with the intention to renew every 6 months. In January the landlord asked if I could let an estate agent come round and the value the property which I did. 2 days later she informed they want to sell the property and if I would be interested. Which I was until an array of problems came to the light the boiler broke down and I found out that the boiler had never been serviced parts were corroding inside and they had not got a landlords safety check long story short it needed a new boiler which they didn’t want to pay for. At this point I said I wouldn’t be interested but would see out my contract til June as stated. That same night I got a text from my landlord telling me they wanted the property back as they wanted to sell and that she had sent me a section 21 and notice to quit in the post and she wanted the property back by May 19th I checked my email that in which she had sent copies to my email address. She now keeps pressuring me about moving is this allowed I now have to find somewhere and pay for storage surely this is not how it works 

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The landlord can’t touch you with a finger, until the fixed period ends. The Section 21 notice is invalid and if the landlord pressures you to move, this is harassment and attempt at illegal eviction. 

The safety check is another serious breach and leaving you without a boiler (no heating and hot water) and refusing to do a critical repair is another serious breach. 

At this point, if you’re pissed off enough I can even imagine taking them to court for compensation, but you really have to consult a legal professional for that part. 

Obviously, you’re not staying longer than June 24th, so start considering your options, but think on the above. If not claiming compensation, you should at least be able to fight her off until the contract expires. 

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