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Notice to quit

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I need a little bit of advice please.

I have been renting a property for 2 1/2 years and throughout this period the landlord has constantly refused to conduct repairs. The worst being not repairing storm damage which left the roof leaking for 8 months. Finally in April this year he decided to get a builder in to carry out the repairs and also do other jobs. This builder turned out to be an absolute cowboy who ended up nearly starting a fire due to his negligence, broke the plumbing and didn’t return to repair it so I had to do it myself……. I could go on with this comedy of errors but it would take forever.  The building works have been ongoing this entire time with significant disruption to me and my daughter. Last month I contacted the environmental health and they carried out an inspection. As the works were already ongoing they dealt with the landlord verbally and he assured them the required works will be carried out. It is now a month on and many are still outstanding.

I have now been served with a section 21 and fear I do not have a leg to stand on. I have sought legal advice but unfortunately cannot get an appointment until 31st August.

The date on the notice is 12th August and I received this on 15th August. I have not signed and returned this yet and I am unclear at what stage this becomes legal. Is it as soon as I received it in the post?

The gas safety cert ran out at the property 14th August but as my tenancy started before October 2015. Am I correct in assuming this doesn’t matter anyway? And there are no circumstances under which this notice to quit would be deemed illegal?

I feel I have been victimised for standing up to the landlord and that this is retaliation to me complaining.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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