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Notice to quit and finding a new property if you are a wheelchair user

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My wife got a new job in a differenty county so we took on a private tenancy agreement and the landlord who was advised by his agent agreed to the tenancy, even though I was in a wheelchair. I though that everything would be good and the agent advised the landlord on isues and gained approval for things.

At the begining of 2016, all maintance stopped, garden was left in a mess by the agent and in February the property was put on the market. The agent advised the landlord that we had refused viewings, which was not true and was backed up by the estate agent as not being true. However, in a fit of rage the landlored emailed a notice to quit citing un true and non accurate info, as a result we have been taken to court, had to pay court fees and have to leave in 4 weeks with no where to go> The local council have been next to useless and I have care and that could stop as we have no where to go. We took advice from Shelter and they have now said that there is nothing we can do but move out.

No joined up agency support, lack of will by the professional and my daughter cries herself to sleep and my wife blames herself for transfering her job. What a mess we are in and I wouldn’t ever support private landlords in the future. Has anyone got any furher info or advice?


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Oh my! YOUR story brought tears to my eyes.

Have you tried the maybe they can help. Have you contacted CAB? Surely your local council should help, as I thought the law states that no-one is allowed to be homeless.

I do know that there are certain solicitors that can act for free, do you have a LAW  Society in your area?

Your poor wife is NOT to blame! Why don’t you contact your local paper with your story? That way you can name and shame your Landlord. Take this experience and fight back. You could also contact your local MP.

My heart goes out to you and your family.

Best Wishes Corinne AKA Bolly

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