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Notice to seek possession

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Hi My first post so please be gentle with me!

Shortish version of a long story.

Parents were joint tenants under council then move to housing association.. been renting for best part of 40 yrs. Mum died and dad succeeded under a sole tenancy.  

I have always lived at home due to circumstances such as my own I’ll health and the fact that I was carer for both my parents. dad was taken in a couple of weeks back and my partner moved in to help me care for hihm as we were told e had weeks/months left.  The day we were told that, dad died 3 hrs later. 

I have quite rightly notified the housing association of his passing and went in to discuss succeeding the tenancy. We have lived in this property 25+yrs. They have told me they will be serving a notice to seek possession and that they will, in all probability, deny me succedion even though their own website states they allow discretionary successions after the statutory one.

This is my home. This is where I have lived for 25+yrs. I am in poor health both physically and mentally (clinical depression). I have just lost my dad, who died here. I run a resident facebook group and am community spirited .My family and friends, my support network are in the area.  The house has been kept immaculate to the Point that the housing association contractors never believe it’s a housing association property!. I have 8 immediate neighbours who are writing me references in support of my request to stay. Moving from here will literally kill me. I can’t take anymore knocks. we can pay full rent but they have said probbaly no although they take it on a case by case basis.

I fully get under occupancy concerns but this is my long term family home. what can I do or who can I tall to to prevent this from happening? I have a appointment with citizens advice next week but I don’t know what to do and this is affecting my health and my state of mind. 

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Oh and there are other people( who don’t even have a partner) in my street who are in properties similar and they have been able to stay by the same housing association


Your post broke my heart! Having recently lost both my parents, you have my utmost empathy.

What to do??? Try contacting Mental Health maybe. Your local MP is diffinately worth a try, worked for us in a different situation. If you are going to be evicted, then the local authority ARE making you homeless. I am sure that is against the law. What does SHELTER advise?

Could you PLEASE let us all know your progress. As so many post and go, so we never know.


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