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Hi, I moved in to a property in October last year and have given my notice this month to my landlord. He has acknowledged this via email. The place was sold in the month of March and i was asked to sign another contract which is identical but enabled me to another 6 months. This would take me up to September but my issue is:

The Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement i have signed requires me to give 2 months notice (but my landlord through “word of mouth” on a few occasions advised me i could leave given one months notice) 

as stated above i have given notice via email to which he has acknowledged but i must advise you the email he uses only has the companies name in, there is no templates, logos, signatures.

I am sorry if this may come across confusing.. ultimately i am trying to make sure i am not liable for anything once i leave due to the contract i have. I look forward to your response 


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Hi Sam


You say the property sold in March this year and you have been given a renewed 6 month AST around the same time.

Who did you sign this AST with? The new or old landlord?


If you leave before September you will be in breach of your contract. Unless the landlord has agreed to end the contract early in writing. It is pointless trying to rely on “word of mouth” / verbal, as this won’t stand if the landlord contests it.


Anyone who is in a fixed term AST can leave the property on the last day of that fixed term without giving notice, or after the fixed term (when rolling into a monthly periodic) only one months notice is required by common law, which contract law does not supersede.


When would you like to leave the property, and even though it’s not in writing yet, has your landlord agreed verbally to the date on the notice?

If so, I would recommend writing (and emailing) him stating that he has accepted your notice. It would be harder for him to defend this verbal agreement if he didn’t contact you in writing denying your statement.


Hi Damien,

thank you for your reply, I signed with the new landlord and he has recently found someone to move in after myself.. So this makes me feel that there should be no issue with rent being chased but as explained i can’t figure out why he is happy to let me go with one months notice me when my contact states otherwise. The only reason I can think of is he would like to raise the rent which he is intending to do with new tenant. What would you advise is necessary to get written from him as I have an emailing acknowledged by him but if I need it in writing I will do just that,





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