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Old boiler problems

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The day I moved into my flat the boiler developed a series of problems and I had 3 days with no heat or not water this will be day 5 of fixing it.. One remaining issue is that I can’t control the temperature of the heating at all. The wall thermostat doesn’t work and none of the radiators have TVR’s. I have requested these and am waiting for a response but want advice as to how much I can push for these. The heating engineer says they are needed. I am looking at a great increase in bills from my previous property because currently it’s inefficient. Thoughts please?

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Hi Claire

We’re pretty sure there’s not much you can do to get the landlord to improve efficiency – not until 2016 when the Energy Bill starts to take effect (Private Rented Sector Energy Efficiency Regulations). However, it actually sounds like the heating isn’t working properly if you can’t control the temperature, which is a different issue. There’s some info here on the landlord’s responsibilities with respect to heating and hot water. The obligation the landlord has is to keep installations like this ‘in good working order’ (section 11 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985) and if you can’t control the temperature then it’s not really working as it’s designed to – your best bet is to get some legal advice on this from Shelter on whether this would be considered not in good working order. You could also contact your local Environmental Health department.

On a practical level would it be worth researching the cost of buying the TVRs yourself and getting them fitted then suggesting that you bill the landlord? In our experience, sometimes if you make things easier for landlords you can get what you want more quickly…


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