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Our landlor wants to do some repair but we are moving out soon ane we want him to wait

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we have been renting a flat for 2 years, and we were good tenants. 

The bathroom of this flat was old and moldy, so we asked the landlord many times to fix it, and he didn’t do anything.

We have decided to leave this flat at the end of our contract and we gave him 2 months notice. And now, he has decided to repair the bathroom for the new tenant. But we don’t want to undergo this, because we were asking it for more than 1 year and nothing was made.

We would like him to wait that we leave. Can we force us to accept the repair?


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Hi Stef

I’m not a lawyer but my understanding is that your landlord can only do minor repairs and maintenance while you’re in the property – anything that might count as major building work or redecorating they don’t have a right to do without your permission. Have a look in your contract and see what it says about allowing the landlord access – the landlord doesn’t have a right to access to do whatever they want, the tenancy will most likely limit them to maintenance and repair – this sounds more like redecoration.


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