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" Our managing agent doesn't want to give our landlords details"

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Following my original post concerning a ” A tree through our conservatory ” I have followed the advice received here on the tenants voice and was very grateful to get some great feedback, many thanks.

We would now like to to lodge a complaint concerning the managing agent “Arim” to our landlord.

We feel that the landlord should be aware that we advised the agent that the tree was dangerous, but did nothing about it…there are also a number of other issues concerning maintenance of the property we would like them to be aware of to.

So far, despite several requests in writing Arim have refused to give me the landlords address, after quoting the tenants act on 4 occasions in writing they have now finally given it to me. It is a multinational bank “West Register” residential property investments Ltd – however they will not give me a contact name, and say that even if I send any correspondence to them, it will be redirected back to Arim as they are the managing agent.

I have stated, that they must be able to give me a contact name as they tell us, that they can’t give the go ahead with any work that needs to be done on the property without the landlords say so….

Is this correct? Are we entitled to contact the landlord with our complaints concerning the managing agent ?

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Hi Elizabeth, West Register Residential Property Investments Limited is an obscure arm of the Royal Bank of Scotland. West Register handles the RBS portfolio of distressed properties. The global head of West Register is Helen Gordon and you can email her via Linkedin on the following link http://www.linkedin.com/pub/helen-gordon/15/3a9/157

As a reference in capital letters you should put COMPLAINT ABOUT YOUR LETTING AGENTS ARIM

Let us know if you get a reply but if you don’t come back to us and we will give you some further advice as to how to proceed.


Is anyone else having problems with Arim/west property register please?


Just about all their tenants and sub tenants have unadressed issues as as soon as you catch up with them they run and hide by moving someone on. We have Lambert Smoith Hampton doing block Management and Arim as Letting Agents and after 6 years are putting a case for the Leasing and Valuations Tribunal to mediate


Hi Elizabeth,

Sorry to hear about your story, Eventhough this is more than a year ago you may consider rating your property. There are websites where you sign up and rate your property on various criteria and your ratings are saved. This ensures that landlord knows that you can give him/her good or bad rating (so gives you better service) and other tenants are also aware of the risks.

Payal Bhavnani


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