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Out of date heating and glazing

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Hi, new to this site and hope someone can help. I have lived in my current rented home for a couple of years and havent spoken up about my issue as im not sure where I stand. the house I live in has centuries old heating that consists of 2 storage heaters, 1 in the hall and one in the living room, then one wall mounted plug in radiator in my bedroom and nothing at all in my daughter’s room. The storage heaters are less than useless not being able to control when they give off heat very effectively and if im home home all day by the evening they are cold. The plug in heater works ok but is very expensive to run plus as the storage heaters are useless I’ve had to resort to my own plug in heaters downstairs too. The other issue is there is no double glazing and draughts run through the house everywhere. The trouble is none of these things are actually faulty or in need of repair plus if I do manage to persuade the landlord to fix these issues im terrified he’ll then up the rent. The current rent I pay is reasonably low but it’s all I can afford, if he ups it I’ll be forced to move and I cannot afford to. I have a rolling lease where the landlord or tenant only have to give 2 months notice. Any advice would be wholeheartedly welcome, thank you.

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You should contact your local councils Environmental Health Department. There is the Housing Act 2004, which has something in it about effective, efficient and affordable heating.

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