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Out of tenancy notice period

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I am currently renting a flat. My previous contract ended in early August of last year. I told the landlord that I wanted to stay in the flat (nothing about the agreement was changing) but I never got round to signing the new contract. I am now in the process of buying and wanted to know what my position is regarding giving notice and moving out? Am I bound by last years contract because I said I would stay? Even though I haven’t officailly signed anything? Or could I give one months notice and leave? 

Thanks for any help anyone can offer! 



Hi Philippe

When your old tenancy came to an end, if neither you nor the landlord gave notice to end it then it would have become a statutory periodic tenancy. You only need to give a month’s notice but you need to make sure you give it at the right time – the first or last day of the rental period. There’s some more info on ending a statutory periodic tenancy here.


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