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Overcrowded in an unfit property

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So basically been on at the council for 8years to sort out the damp and mould problem and when it finally looks like im getting somewhere they always leave the council so no work ever gets done and my problem now is i have 3 kids 2girls one boy sharing a bedroom which is the worst room outta the flat with the damp and mould and i cant move them out of there as my room is 3 times smaller than there room my eldest daughter is almost 9 and my son almost 3 ive been trying for yrs to move with the bidding system but the council closed my account so had to open up a new one and now ive lost all my points and getting no where with the bidding system and they won’t give me my points back they are saying i have enuff room for us all (im in a 2bed flat) my son has nystagmus and needs his own room due to it. My sons HV has written a letter to them to state the reasons why he must have his own room but is there anything else i can do or anyone i should speak to to get what needs to be done done as the council arnt interested in anything they get told/shown.

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What we typically advise tenants to do when facing problems with a troublesome landlord is to contact the council and seek their help in resolving the matter.

However, since the council is the problem in your case, my only advice would be to look for a no win – no fee solicitor and look into your options of filing a claim in the county court against your landlord (the council), for not resolving a serious health concern (black mould) in the only room where your three young children live.

Speak to Shelter and Citizen Advice and see whether they have any further advice for you. 

If nothing helps, contact your local MP and demand they look into your case and help you out. 

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