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Overpayment of Housing Benefits

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Hello, need a little advice. Last October my parents received a great big pile of paper work for Wiltshire council trying to explain that we have been over paid benefits since 2010 and where demanding a payment of nearly £4,000 from us. Since then we have appealed and lost and now it is going to tribunal. Me and my parents cannot afford to pay them back, I know they have only asked an extra £60 a month on top of the rent as a payment scheme but we are all on a very low income and it is just not possible. My parent shave been with the council for over 30 and have been on and of housing benefits through out that time and not once have they not informed the council of income changes so why would they start now. My dad suffers from stress related epilepsy so it have been my job to do things like informing the council ect. They are denying any contact with us even though I have forms as proof of us informing them.

What chances do we have of winning the tribunal?? If you need more info then ask. Thank you

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