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Overpayments and deposits

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Hi I was hoping someone can help me,I move in my property three years ago with a 450 deposit and 450 rent per month,to make it easier for both parties I paid weekly which my landlady set at 112.50 per week which I trusted and never thought anything of it up until recently and found out that I should have only paid 103.00 a week. I have now moved out of the property and requested my deposit and overpayments in rent which is 1,350 (1,800) in total. My landlord is refusing to give any part of this money claiming I owe this much in repairs ,which I have disputed strongly against, my deposit wasn’t protected and I don’t know where to turn next please help .

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Hi Marie,

Sorry to say but I have little sympathy for Tenants who do not enforce the protections in place. Why didnt you ensure the Landlord registered your deposit? When you fail to enforce this, you are effectively telling the Landlord it is fine to break the law and treat you like c**p.

Having given consent for the Landlord to break the law in thbis way, you have effectively given them consent to act however they see fit. As you have already vacated the property there is very little you can do.

There are loads of laws to protect Tenants but you have to see that they are enforced or you are almost just as muchbto blame.

If you are not sure of your rights and responsibilities this site has a lot of info and shprt courses to learn all the essential points.

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